Unit Team – PSP NET

Unit Team

Land Acknowledgement

The PSPNET team acknowledges the importance of the land that we each reside upon. We do this to reaffirm our commitment and responsibility in improving relationships between Nations and improving our own understanding of local Indigenous peoples and their cultures.

From coast to coast to coast, we acknowledge the ancestral and unceded territory of all the Inuit, Métis, and First Nations people that call this nation home.

Please join us in considering how we can each, in our own way, move forward in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.


Heather Hadjistavropoulos PhD Principal Investigator

R. Nicholas Carleton PhD Co-Investigator

Shimona Sekhar PMP, B. Sc. Senior Project Director

Jody Burnett PhD Clinical Research Associate

Amélie Fournier PhD Clinical Research Associate

Claudel Parent-Boursier PhD Clinical Research Associate

Samir Guerioune, Masters (Psych) Clinical Research Associate

Manon Mousseau PhD Clinical Research Associate

Cheryl Hymus-Fraser MSW Clinical Research Associate

Isabelle Dena MSW Clinical Research Associate

Melissa Scheltgen MSW Clinical Research Associate

Kerry Spice Masters (Education Psychology) Clinical Research Associate

Luke Schneider PhD Clinical Research Associate

Janine Beahm M.A. Research Associate

Jeanne Dumas M.A, TTS Research Associate

Vanessa Peynenburg, M.A. PhD Student, Clinical Psychology

Abby Phillips B.A. (Hons) Research Assistant

Peace Dukuye BSc (Hons) Research Assistant

Julia Gregory BSc (Hons) Research Assistant

Hugh McCall M.A. PhD Student, Clinical Psychology

Caeleigh Landry, B.A. MA Student Clinical Psychology

Online Therapy Unit Support

Marcie Nugent MSW Coordinator

Andrew Wihelms BA Research Associate/Technical Support

Kelly Adlam MSW Etherapist Supervisor

Web Application Development

Max Ivanov Website Development Team

Communications Support

Jirayu (Jane) Uttaranakorn MFA, MASc Web and Social Media Specialist

Emilie Kossick M.A. Knowledge Manager

Administrative Support

Donna King CCSc Executive Director, CCJS

Nicholas (Nick) Jones PhD Executive Director, CIPSRT

Virginia Carpenter Community Engagement & Event Coordinator