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Draft- Coparenting – SoWhat/What to show

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Coparenting is the coordination of parenting responsibilities between two adults; the parents may live together or apart and provide care for dependent children. This can be a supportive relationship where positive childrearing practices are reinforced or there can be disputes which create an unstable environment for children.

The nonstandard schedules of PSP often involve rotating shifts, mandatory overtime, and call-ins which can conflict with childcare responsibilities. In some cases, this puts pressure on the non-PSP parent to fill-in the gaps. When one parent takes on an unfair share of child-rearing in the coparenting relationship, they may experience fatigue and resentment due to role overload.

Adaptive coparenting

Adaptive coparenting is when two parents work together to overcome challenges associated with parenting roles. Adaptive copareting can be as simple as families visiting their firefighter (PSP parent) on duty, giving children the opportunity to reconnect and see where their parent works. Rotating shifts can give PSP opportunities to be at home with children during the daytime which can be advantageous for dual-career couples.

Challenges of coparenting

Coparenting may become more difficult when there are problems in the relationship due to poor communication and conflicts.

Examples of adaptive coparenting

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