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Draft – Paramilitary Influence – Exerting Control & Disciplining Children

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Authoritarian Spillover

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PSP organizations can be considered ‘para-military’ because like the military they have ranks, have a chain of command, require and celebrate obedience, promote camaraderie, and engage in rigorous training. PSP work can also affect PSP families because many of the traits that help PSP do their jobs well are behaviours that do not fit with healthy family life. For example, if a PSP is having a hard time detaching from the job for any reason, it might lead to more demanding work-like behaviours at home. This is called authoritarian spillover.

It is also important to know that what the PSP sees and experiences at work can make them overprotective and controlling at home.

Role Blurring – The Impact on the Family

Behaviour-based Conflict

The below links lead to additional material where you can learn actionable strategies to combat paramilitary influence, and a couples toolkit page that will demonstrate ways in which couples can support each other.

Strategies for Paramilitary Influence


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