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Draft – Unpredictable and Non-Negotiable

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Nonstandard Schedules – Unpredictability and Non-Negotiability

Most sectors of PSP require workers to rotate shifts so that these essential services are available 24/7. Factors such as critical incidents and staff shortages also require PSP to be on-call and available at short notice. These aspects of the job are often non-negotiable and unpredictable which impacts personal relationships and family life.

Some PSP families have identified the benefits of nonstandard work. Long work shifts can mean that PSP are also off-shift for longer periods which allows them to be with their families for extended periods.1 However, unexpected changes to work schedules can also cause havoc with family routines and conflict with family commitments such as childcare. This can put pressure on SSOs and other family members to adjust and take on added responsibilities.

Consequences of Non-negotiable Schedules

The PSP nonstandard schedule may reduce the amount of time families spend together, including special occasions, and opportunities to socialize. The unpredictability and non-negotiability of the PSP’s schedule make it difficult for families to look forward to events knowing their plans could be changed with a moment’s notice.