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Dual-career households

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Challenges of Dual-Career Households

In a dual-career household, both partners have demanding jobs. Dual-career households mean both partners can pursue their own career and enjoy more financial security. Balancing work and family requirements is an ongoing challenge and creates work-family conflict. Strains for PSP families may be greater than those of other dual-career households. For example, shift work can mean that spouses or significant others assume the bulk of household duties. If the spouse is also in a job that involves working shifts like nursing, there is a lot of energy required around scheduling all the demands.

Dual-PSP Households

For dual-career households where both partners are working as PSP, there is a mix of opportunity and challenge. Each partner has insight into the experiences and stressors of being ‘on the job.’ Boundaries between work and home can blur, with the family experiencing spillover. It can get more complicated to navigate If both PSP work within the same sector or organization, or if there is a difference of rank within a dual-PSP couple. Also, the atypical schedules can create a model of ‘tag-team parenting’ for couples who have children. Tag-team parenting allows each parent dedicated time with their children, but parents can feel like they are a single parent most of the time, resulting in sleep deprivation and physical fatigue. Women in dual PSP relationships may also report additional gendered expectations.

How might having a dual career household affect family life?

Dual-PSP Career Household Logistics