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Peer Support Forum Consent Form and Terms of Use

Before participating in the Peer Support Forum, you must agree to the Risks and Benefits and the Terms of Use below:

Risks and Benefits:

The Peer Support Forum is a place for you to discuss your experiences with other PSP who are trying to improve their mental health. It is moderated by members of the PSPNET team, including clinical researchers who may be both moderating and conducting research related to the forum. Due to the nature of the Peer Support Forum as a group activity, we cannot guarantee that all participants will follow the Terms of Use set out below. Accordingly, by using the Peer Support Forum, you are accepting the risk that other users may not follow the Terms of Use, including the risk that other users may not keep the content of your forum posts confidential. That said, the PSPNET team will carefully monitor the Peer Support Forum to help ensure that all participants follow the Terms of Use and to help maintain an open and welcoming atmosphere.

Terms of Use:

  • Be respectful and kind to other forum users. Remember that many forum users are struggling with significant mental health problems and need support.
  • Respect others’ privacy and do not attempt to reveal the identity of another forum user.
  • Do not reveal your name or other information that could allow others to identify you. If you choose to add a nickname, please do not use your real name or any other information that could reveal your identity.
  • Do not screenshot, quote, print, copy, or otherwise document or share any content in the Peer Support Forum (what happens in the forum stays in the forum!).
  • Use the Peer Support Forum only for its intended purpose, which is to provide a place for PSP to support and motivate one another, share experiences, feedback, and advice, and help each other benefit from the Self-Guided PSP Wellbeing Course as much as possible.
  • Avoid misinformation by exercising caution when sharing ideas, resources, or advice with other forum users. You can always email the PSPNET team to check if you are unsure of whether something would be appropriate to post.
  • Avoid unnecessarily graphic descriptions of potentially psychologically traumatic events that could cause vicarious trauma to other forum users.
  • PSPNET reserves the right to remove content it deems disrespectful, inappropriate, potentially identifying, or potentially harmful.
  • The PSPNET team may analyze forum posts to help identify how the forum is being used and how it can be improved in the future. The results of these analyses may be described in research papers or presentations. The PSPNET team adheres to strict protocols concerning participant confidentiality and will never share information that could reveal the identity of a forum user.