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Forum Terms of Use

Copyright/ Intellectual Property

Material contained on this website are copyright © of the Online Therapy Unit, University of Regina or are used with permission under license. The Wellbeing Course is copyright © of Access Macquarie Ltd. The PSPNET team has now worked to adapt the course to meet the needs of Public Safety Personnel (PSP). Material may be downloaded and printed in an unaltered form for your own personal use only, and must not be copied or distributed in any form. All other rights are reserved.

Any other use of this material should be directed to: The PSPNET Team,

Forum Terms of Use

  • Be respectful and supportive communication, being kind, and remembering that many forum users are struggling with significant mental problems; PSPNET reserves the right to remove content it deems disrespectful or inappropriate.
  • Respect others’ privacy and not saying anything that could identify other clients.
  • Do not identify yourself (I’d like to avoid a situation where a client would feel pressured to reveal their name because others in the forum had revealed their names).
  • Do not screenshotting, quoting, or otherwise documenting or sharing the contents of the forum with others (what happens in the forum stays in the forum!)
  • Purpose of the forum (e.g., a place for PSPNET clients to give and receive support from one another, to share experiences and advice, to help motivate each other, and to help each other get as much out of the course as they can), and a request that clients try to stay on topic and avoid using the forum for unintended purposes (e.g., political debates).
  • How PSPNET may analyze forum posts to help identify ways to improve the forums.
  • Avoid misinformation by exercising caution when sharing ideas, resources, or advice with other clients—clients can always check in with the PSPNET team if they’re unsure of whether what they want to say is appropriate.
  • Avoid describing traumatic events in gruesome detail so as not to cause vicarious trauma to other clients.