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Resentment: Family Life

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PSP career and family resentment

Resentment is where someone dislikes the actions of another and thus has negative feelings towards them. For PSP families, this could mean that members within the family resent the PSP, or the PS profession, for any number of the dynamic logistics they must face. Resentment can be a complex experience, and often there are other (more vulnerable emotions) underlying resentment, such as feelings of sadness, fear, and love.

Feeling like a single parent

When the focus is always on the PSP career, resentment can occur because there are other things going on in the family. The SSOs job, for example, their hobbies, their friends, their social life, in general, may be put on the backburner. There needs to be a balance, and when this balance between work needs and family needs is not found, “the result is stress and imbalance in the lives of all involved. Individuals who find themselves in this situation usually search for balance, and if not achieved, the result can be a disruption of physical, mental, or social well-being”.

PSP career disruption to family plans and routines

Consequences of PSP career disruptions

Impact of PSP mandatory overtime, scheduling, and job transfer

Impact of PSP shiftwork and frequent absence from family events

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Coping strategies for balancing the PSP career and family needs

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