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PSPNET Families Wellbeing Hub

PSPNET Families is an online wellbeing hub designed to support the specific yet diverse challenges faced by family members of public safety personnel (PSP). 

We provide a wide range of information, resources and skill-building strategies to help you navigate your unique life circumstances.  

Here, spouses or significant others may also access a free, self-guided ICBT (internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy) course anytime that will help you understand and manage your mental health. 

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Families & Couples

The informational pages are psychoeducational in nature that explore the dynamic requirements related to shift work, trauma exposure, the occupational risks and requirements, and the identity and organizational strengths and challenges experienced by PSP families.  

The strategies pages offer skill building exercises in relation to the content explored in the information pages. The content includes, but is not limited to: problem solving, extending one’s support system, communication strategies, supporting healthy work to home transitions, childcare, etc. 

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Self-Guided Spouse or Significant Other (SSO) Wellbeing Course

Adapted from our PSP Wellbeing Course, this self-guided, internet-delivered, cognitive behavioural therapy program is designed to support a PSP spouse or significant other with their unique wellbeing needs. 

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