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PSPNET Families is an online wellbeing hub designed to support the specific yet diverse challenges faced by loved ones of public safety personnel (PSP).  

Our team is committed to developing and sharing evidence-based mental health resources with PSP families. To that end, we provide a wide range of information and strategies to help you navigate your unique life circumstances.  

If your loved one is a PSP, our wellbeing hub is designed for you. “Families” includes parents, close friends, adult siblings, adult children, significant others and more.  

What we offer

Inside our hub, you’ll find:  

  • Resources: Information and strategies for dealing with work requirements such as shiftwork, sleep, missed celebrations, trauma exposure, communication, problem solving, childcare and much more.  
  • Spouse or Significant Other Wellbeing Course: Adapted from our PSP Wellbeing Course, this self-guided, internet-delivered, cognitive behavioural therapy program is designed to support a PSP spouse or significant other with their unique wellbeing needs.  

Topics include:  

  • Identifying the cycle of symptoms 
  • Managing unhelpful thoughts  
  • Managing physical symptoms 
  • Managing avoidance and safety behaviours  
  • Relapse prevention and goal setting 
  • Improving sleep
  • Communication, assertiveness and problem solving
  • Anger and grief exploration   

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Who we are

With funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada, PSPNET Families is a collaboration between PSPNET, the Families Matter Research Group at Queen’s University, and the Child Trauma Research Centre at the University of Regina.  

We are led by principal investigators Dr. Heather Hadjistavropoulos (University of Regina), Dr. Heidi Cramm (Queen’s University) and Dr. Nathalie Reid (University of Regina).

Meet our team 


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