Quick Exit

PSPNET is not an emergency or crisis service.

If you are looking for help and you do not feel PSPNET is a suitable option for you, here are some additional resources for your consideration.

See our French webpage for additional resources available in French only.

Crisis Services

The PSPNET Team does not provide an emergency or crisis response service.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or having a mental health crisis, please seek help immediately. Help is available.

Emergency Services: Call 911
Canada-wide Emergency Services

Healthline: Call 811
24-hour HealthLine services for information on health, mental health and addiction services, education and support.

Crisis Services Canada: 1-833-456-4566
Provides general information on suicide as well as information on immediate crisis services for individuals who may be suicidal.

Hope 4 Heroes Text Crisis Line (New Brunswick)
Crisis Text Line in partnership with Kids’ Help Phone to First Responders in a New Brunswick pilot program. Text H4H to 741741.

Besion D’aide (Quebec)
24/7 crisis intervention (in French).

Suicide.ca’s mission is to use digital technology to prevent suicide. It provides information and support to people with suicidal thoughts and behaviours, people who are worried about someone or have lost loved ones to suicide, and professionals who work with vulnerable clienteles. In English call 833-454-4566.

Centre de prévention du suicide de Québec
The CPSQ is a non-profit community organization that provides professional, specialized services to promote prevention and intervention for suicidal persons, those close to them and suicide-bereaved persons. In addition, the CPSQ provides training tailored to the needs of those interested in learning more about this issue. In English call 833-454-4566.

Other Services & Resources

New Brunswick Specific Services

The College of Psychologists of New Brunswick
Provides a directory of psychologists in New Brunswick

Capital Region Mental Health and Addictions Association (CRMHAA)
Facilitating support groups for mental health consumers, care givers of mental health consumers, and those impacted by the suicide of a loved one.

Face-to-Face Services available through New Brunswick Department of Health
The NB department of health provides mental health services through 3 core program areas: Acute Services, Child and Adolescent services and Adult Long Term services. There are 13 Community Mental Health Centres (CMHC) that provide mental health services in a defined catchment area.

The New Brunswick Critical Incident and Stress Management Program was established in collaboration with Addiction and Mental Health Services and the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick. The provincial team is made up of mental health and addictions professionals and emergency first responder peer support personnel and is intended to reduce the buildup of stress in emergency first responders who work in high stress fields and to promote a culture of wellness and positive mental health in the workplaces of New Brunswick’s valued emergency first responders.

Nova Scotia Specific Services

Nova Scotia Health
Resource for online tools, mental health and addictions professionals who provide support, programs, and services to Nova Scotians across the province.

Call or text 211, or toll free 1-855-466-4994. Nova Scotia 211’s mission is to provide access to information, advocate for those in need, and encourage investment in social programs and services. We seek to ignite hope and foster human connection.

Landing Strong: 902-472-2972
Community-based health and work transition programs for veterans and first responders.

New Pathways PTSD Support Group: Halifax 902-462-2957
A Mental Health Resource for Nova Scotian First Responders. This website contains tools and resources for First Responders, employers, and families, however all Nova Scotians who work in stressful and demanding workplaces may also find these resources helpful.

NS First Responders Mental Health
A website developed by first responders, for first responders. Eliminating stigma and providing mental health supports for first responders

Prince Edward Island Specific Services

Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Phone Line: 1-833-553-6983
Calls are answered by trained mental health professionals (a registered nurse or a social worker) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Island Helpline: 1-800-565-8161
Trained and caring staff answer calls to the Island Helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Island Helpline is a free bilingual, confidential, non-judgmental, and supportive telephone service.

211 PEI
Call or text  2-1-1 (Monday-Friday 9am-6pm AST). Email help@pe.211.ca. Listings of Community Resources and programs.

Addiction Services: 1-888-299-8399
24 hour, toll-free service from anywhere on PEI for inpatient and out-patient withdrawal management, counselling, information and referral for help with an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs

Badge of Life
Weekly peer support via Zoom, listings of supportive programs and resources.

Landing Strong: 902-472-2972
Community-based health and work transition programs for veterans and first responders.

The PEI Operational Stress Injury: (902) 367-7075
(OSI) satellite site in Stratford provides specialized mental health and addiction services to Veterans, eligible members of the Canadian Forces and RCMP, who are encountering difficulties as a result of service-related psychological injury and traumatic events. Treatment at the OSI site is provided by an interdisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and mental Health nurses. For more information, please call (902) 367-7075.

PEI Helping Tree
Link to community resources.

CMHA PEI Mental Health Resource Line: 1-800-682-1648
Please explore this page for up-to-date information on clinics, helplines, self help groups, peer support and other mental health resources available to those living and working in Prince Edward Island. Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm.

Quebec Specific Services

La vigile
Maison LA VIGILE located in Quebec City is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support women and men who have a problem of alcohol and drug addiction. Confidential services, including a 24-hour listening service at 1 888 315-0007, psychoeducational workshops, group therapy, and follow-up are intended for peace officers, military personnel or emergency responders, and their immediate family members, or any other person in need. Services are available in French only.

Ordre des psychologues du Québec
The Ordre des psychologues works to protect the public by ensuring the quality of services offered by its members, by promoting the development of the profession and by advocating for better access to psychological services. A directory of psychologists is available.

CLSCs in Quebec are free clinics run and maintained by the Quebec government. They are a form of community health centre. CLSC are available in every community. Available in both languages depending on your location.

Info Trauma
A site to better understand trauma, whether for trauma victims or clinicians, this site offers many tools, testimonials and training. In both languages: 1 514 924-4978.

Saskatchewan Specific Services

The Saskatchewan Critical Incident and Stress Management Network, Inc. was developed by volunteers to provide critical incident response support for rural volunteer fire departments. Today, SK-CISM is now a province-wide support for other branches of emergency responders and includes critical incident and stress management leadership, education, training, and consultation.

Sask First Responders Mental Health
WorkSafe Saskatchewan partnered with the Saskatchewan First Responders’ Mental Health Committee to provide mental health resources to Saskatchewan’s first responder community and their families. The site provides information on how to access a number of support services including self-assessment tools, 24/7 confidential crisis support centers, peer support groups, self-care education and critical incident response strategies.

The Saskatchewan Operational Stress Injury Clinic is part of a national network of Operational Stress Injury (OSI) clinics funded by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). The SK OSIC is operated by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and is staffed with a team of specialized mental health professionals including psychologists, psychiatrists, and clinical social workers/mental health clinicians. There is a Saskatchewan OSI Clinic located in Saskatoon, specifically for occupational stress injuries.

Face-to-Face Services available through Saskatchewan Health Authority
The Saskatchewan Health Authority provides four main mental health services including adult community health services, psychiatric rehabilitation community mental health services, child and youth community mental health services, and inpatient mental health services.

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Correctional Service Canada EFAP
TTY (for people with hearing impairments) 1-800-567-5803

RCMP Employee Assistance Program
TTY (for people with hearing impairments) 1-800-567-5803

PEI Public Service Commission EAP Program 

International Association of Fire Fighters FFAP (Halifax regional municipality, will serve anyone reaching out)
Contact 902-483-6068 or 902-237-9087 for more information.

Halifax Regional Police Association EFAP
Contact 902-430-8295 or 902-430-8296 for more information.

Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency
FFAP Peer Support Phone #1: 902-233-6804
FFAP Peer Support Phone #2: 902-240-7536

Halifax Professional Firefighters IAFF 268 MFAP (administered by Homewood)
1-800-663-1142 (English)
1-866-398-9505 (French)
1-888-384-1152 (TTY)

Nova Scotia Health Authority: EFAP; Chat online, call or email for support workhealthlife


Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment
Provides questionnaires for individuals to self-assess symptoms of anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress and alcohol misuse.

Canadian Mental Health Association
Provides questionnaires for individuals to assess their levels of resiliency, balance, self-actualization and flexibility.

Online Information

Wellness Together Canada: 1-866-585-0445
Immediate telephone counselling support 24/7.

PSP Mental Health
PSP Mental Health allows searchers to filter mental health options in numerous ways, including cost, language, type of service, privacy, and location. The flexible search function will allow PSP or their family members to zero in on appropriate resources quickly. CIPSRT is excited to help expand the functionality of PSPMental Health and looks forward to future opportunities to improve access to research, treatment, and training for PSP across the country.

Anxiety Canada
Provides self-help information on the management of anxiety.

Mood Disorders Society of Canada 
Includes information, resources, and discussion forums on mood disorders for Canadians.

Here to Help
A Project of the BC Partners for Mental Health and Substance Use Information. Includes tool kits, questionnaires, fact sheets, and discussion forums for depression, anxiety, and substance use.

Canadian Mental Health Association
A nationwide community-based organization that promotes mental wellbeing and provides educational resources on a variety of mental health topics.  

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
A Canadian teaching and research centre that provides education on the treatment and management of various mental health and addictions conditions.

Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment
Information for first responders and public safety personnel including, self-assessment, mental health information, and current research publications.  

Wings of Support
Online peer support meetings Canada-wide.

Apps and Workbook

PsyberGuide Apps
PsyberGuide is a non-profit website for consumers seeking to make responsible and informed decisions about computer and device-assisted therapies for mental illnesses.

Centre for Clinical Interventions
Offers a variety of self-help resources related to anxiety, depression, panic, social anxiety, worry, assertiveness, perfectionism, self-compassion, and sleep.

Online Self-Guided Treatment for Alcohol Misuse

Online Therapy Unit
An 8-week Internet-delivered Cognitive Behaviour Therapy program to address alcohol misuse open to all Canadians.

Private Services/Charitable

Wounded Warriors
Provides several support services to first responders and public safety personnel, including group-based trauma programs (individual and couples), and animal-assisted therapy (Service dogs and Equine Therapy). They also provide training related to managing operational stress.

Is a joint project between the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Royal Canadian Legion. OSI-CAN uses a pro-active support-based approach to occupational stress injury and posttraumatic stress disorder recovery. OSI-CAN provides various programs, including peer support programs, spousal support groups, service dog acquisition and equine-assisted therapy.

The Road to Mental Readiness – R2MR
This is an education-based program offered across Canada for first responders and other public safety personnel (PSP). It is intended to build awareness and understanding about mental health and operational stress injuries in an effort to reduce stigma and build resiliency.