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There are hazards, risks, and scheduling demands associated with PSP work that are unacceptable in many other jobs. These aspects are unavoidable in the public service and the risks and requirements of PSP work can spillover into family life. Unpredictability, the risk to both mental and physical wellbeing, and authoritarian behaviours necessary to control dangerous situations at work affect both PSP and their families. Being aware of the risks can help families manage the spillover from the PSP job to lessen worry and conflict at home.

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Grappling with Sleep Disruptions

Sleep can be disrupted for PSP families for a number of reasons. When PSP are at work, family members may have a hard time falling or staying asleep due to worry.

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Understanding Anxiety about PSP Work

Anxiety can be experienced by PSP families due to dangers which are part of the job. Media reports of serious incidents can increase feelings of anxiety for both adults and children.

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Confronting PSP Injury and Illness

Some PSP family members have identified the risk of physical and mental injury as their greatest worry. The risk of injury can create stress for the PSP which can spill over into family life causing tension.

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Understanding Emotions and Behaviours

There are consequences when the impact of work stress spills over into family life. Negative affect can impact how someone engages in family life.

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Responding to Unpredictability

PSP family members may learn about an incident in real time. When they cannot get updates or reach the PSP family member, worry and anxiety can surge.

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Recognizing Work Behaviours at Home

Behaviours and traits that allow PSP to do their jobs well are respected and valued by organizations. However, these behaviours can affect couple and family relationships when they spill over into home life.

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