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PSPNET Families Wellbeing Hub

Developing a Public Safety Personnel (PSP) Families Wellbeing Hub


The PSPNET Families Wellbeing Hub team is developing mental health promotion resources and supports to complement PSPNET, a federally-funded online platform that offers internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy (ICBT) for Public Safety Personnel (PSP).

PSPNET Families will use the existing PSPNET platform to:

  • Reach PSP families
  • Provide a stigma-free and accessible hub for a continuum of mental health promotion resources and supports

Our goal is to develop and offer trauma-informed mental health resources to serve PSP families including:


  • Families of public safety personnel (PSP) experience unique lifestyle demands that challenge them every day. Whether the PSP works in the fire, police, paramedic, communications, or corrections sector, they grapple with dynamic requirements related to shiftwork, traumatic exposure, and being out-of-sync with the broader community. Serving alongside their loved ones to ensure the safety and security of our communities, they deserve a set of evidence-based mental health promotion resources and supports delivered with rich foundation in what it means to be “on the job.”

  • Family members of PSP
  • PSP (current and former) are not limited to but include border services personnel, correctional workers, firefighters (career and volunteer), operational and intelligence personnel, paramedics, police (municipal, provincial, federal), public safety communicators (e.g., dispatchers, 911 operators), and search and rescue personnel.

  • Work has started as of February 1, 2022, with resource development in progress.

  • There will be opportunities for people to get involved as we release resources. Contact us or sign up for our mailing list for opportunities to participate and keep up to date on our progress.

  • By March 31st, 2023, we plan to have a set of resources available for PSP families. To have a sustainability plan to continue to provide ongoing supports for PSP families past March 2023.

  • The PSPNET Families Wellbeing Hub is developed through funding by the Public Health Agency of Canada.


PSPNET Families Wellbeing Hub receives funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada

Co-Principal Investigators:

  • Dr. Heidi Cramm (Queen's University)
  • Dr. Heather Hadjistavropoulos (University of Regina)
  • Dr. Nathalie Reid (University of Regina)

Project Team:

University of Regina:

  • Abby Phillips (Research Assistant)
  • Bailey Hammer (Student Research Assistant)
  • Caeleigh Landry (Graduate Student Research Assistant)
  • Constance Ross (Administrative Assistant)
  • Eric Boateng (Project Manager)
  • Hugh McCall (Graduate Student Research Assistant)
  • Isabelle Dena (Clinical Research Associate)
  • Janine Beahm (Research Associate)
  • Julia Gregory (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
  • Melissa Scheltgen (Clinical Research Associate)
  • Peace Dukuye (Research Assistant)
  • Sarah Reiser (Clinical Research Associate)
  • Shimona Sekhar (Senior Project Director)
  • Steffi Oberthier (Research Assistant)

Queen's University:

  • Marilyn Cox (Research Associate)
  • Lisa Delaney (Community Development Manager for PSP Families Network)
  • Erin Porter (Research Coordinator)
  • Rachel Richmond (Doctoral Trainee)
  • Linna Tam-Seto (Research Scientist)

Research Consultants:

  • Dr. Alyson Mahar (University of Manitoba)
  • Dr. Deborah Norris (Mount Saint Vincent University)
  • Dr. Tim Black (University of Victoria)
  • Prof. Nicola Fear (King’s College London)
  • Dr. Rachel Dekel (Bar-Ilan University)
  • Dr. Sharon Lawn (Flinders University)


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