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Dual-career households

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Dual-career household: Differences in family roles

Men’s and women’s responses at home to difficult work-day experiences, especially work overloads, may be influenced by differences in their family roles. Women may still be expected to function as the primary caretaker of the children and be responsible for dinner after a workday. For example, female police officers struggle with balancing the desire to devote time to their children with dedication to their career. Moreover, they face difficulties relating to parental leave more than male members.

In dual income families where the women are the primary breadwinner, the PSP role is often associated with higher levels of stress. On the other hand, employees who live in a family where breadwinner status is shared equally are likely to have more challenges balancing work and family demands than employees who live in families where one partner is deemed to be the primary breadwinner. The culture of most police organizations does not support the dual career family type as they expect officers to put work first and maintain a separation between work and family domains. It is likely to be more problematic for a PSP with a partner who contributes significantly to the financial well-being of the family.

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